Patch Version 14

-Added Mysterious Merchant II ( NPC )
Besides Mysterious Merchant I in Archosaur West Furnaces
Added more molds that can be traded with Mysterious Chip

-Added new Battle Pet for Venomancers in Boutique
*Dark Wanderer Egg – 500 Gold
*Glacial Walker Egg – 500 Gold
*Cloud Skatefish Egg – 250 Gold

-R.I.P Salvation ( NPC )
*Added option to trade rare pet eggs to new item Corona
Tabby Plumdrop Pet Egg – Corona x2
Shadou Cub Pet Egg – Corona x2
Windwalking Piggy Pet Egg – Corona x4
Cudly Pup Pet Egg – Corona x4
Kowlin Pet Egg – Corona x4
Armored Bear Pet Egg – Corona x4
*Added Oprtion to Craft New Battle Pet with Corona
Dark Wanderer Egg – 200 Corona
Glacial Walker Egg – 200 Corona
Cloud Skatefish Egg – 100 Corona

-Added Pet Leveling Monster (Ancient Doom) outside Broken Bridge Village (236 560)

-Commander-In-Chief ( NPC )
*Added new task to trade x10 Wraith Soldier Dog Tag with 50 Reputation